BRU Burger Bar

410 Massachusetts Avenue, Indianapolis

Bru Burger Bar was a spontaneous lunch choice.  We originally intended to try another restaurant on Mass Ave but left because of the noise level.  I usually would not choose a burger joint.  The atmosphere at BRU Burger Bar was pleasing and Dianne and I were able to discuss ideas for my food blog.  The restaurant was busy with lots of hustle.  The interior was more sophisticated than the name would indicate.  Clean lines and dark surfaces with colorful artwork on the walls (as well as on the arms of our server).  We arrived for lunch about noon and sat at the bar.  Unfortunately, no  tables were available in the outdoor seating area.  The outdoor area is adjacent to a small urban park area – a pleasant change from other restaurants where you feel like you’re dining in the parking lot.

We split the BRU Burger and the chop salad.  The chop salad originally had to be sent back because they did not pay attention to my request to omit the pine nuts (nut allergy).  The salad was tasty combination of salami with a salty, earthy flavor, crisp romaine, pickled peppers, mild-smoky provolone cheese and   crunchy popped chick peas dressed with pungent oregano vinaigrette.  Next time, I would like an extra order of the popped chick peas.

The BRU Burger was topped with an aromatic yet mild, soft and oozy taleggio cheese, sweet and savory, deep red, tomato jam, caramelized onion, and thick crisp bacon.  The burger was not served with any sides and looked kind of lonely sitting there on the platter by itself.  We forgot all about that with the first bite – it was fantastic!

It would have been thoughtful for the kitchen to split the salad and burger for us.  I know they were busy, but it wouldn’t have taken that long.  Instead we made a mess splitting the salad ourselves at the bar with inappropriate utensils.

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