After finding two $50 gift cards in the back of my desk drawer from last Christmas (thanks mom and dad), my husband and I decided to go downtown to McCormick & Schmick’s. I checked out the online menu and searched for coupons.  The menu looked appetizing, they also had a special happy hour menu with great prices plus I found a coupon online for a free $5.99 appetizer.

We chose a table by the window in the bar. It was interesting to watch the people enter the bar area after what a appeared to be a long company training session in the adjacent Hilton. They all had their swag bags from the break out sessions.

We ordered drinks and the following appetizers:

Firecracker Shrimp It’s hard to get much “fire” because they were too sweet. I was expecting more of a “bang bang shrimp” which is how the waitress described this to us. The breading did not stick to the tiny shrimp and it left a less than pleasant taste in my mouth.

Hummus – Excellent! Their menu is not very descriptive . . . the hummus sounded boring “HUMMUS”, but it really tasted great! This was actually one of the best Hummus appetizers I’ve ever tasted and I even tried to create the perfect hummus recipe. It’s a red pepper hummus served with warm pita bread and cucumbers. I’m going to have to alter  hummus recipe.  ( make sure you subscribe to my posts for my Hummus update).

Fish Tacos with Jicama Slaw – The fish sticks reminded me of the frozen Mrs. Paul’s fish sticks popular when I was a kid.  They were deep fried (mom always baked ours in the oven and served with home made tartar sauce), and fried way too long. The jicama slaw was fresh and carried the dish. There was more napa cabbage in the slaw than jicama, I also like the addition of corn in the slaw.  It would have been nice with a “kick”, diced jalapeno would have done wonders.  The jicama provided a nice crunch.

We only spent one of the $50 gift cards so we will go back again.

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